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An email is coming from me to you: check your inbox (and spam folder) to download your 90-Day Playbook and be on the lookout for additional resources headed your way.

Thank you kindly for trusting Yellow Bag with your email address. I don’t take that lightly: I know you don’t want your inbox spammed up, and I promise to respect your boundaries by delivering valuable content & recommendations of strategies I use myself.

Here's what happens next:

No. 01

Check your email for your free playbook right away. 
No email? Be sure to check that spam folder or troublesome promotions tab, and otherwise, just email us at

No. 02

Connect with us on LinkedIn and begin your journey through our latest videos and posts. We're happily catering to the office of the CFO and serving admin excellence through our new FREE workshop. 

No. 03

Are we friends on Instagram yet? Come say hi!


We like to have a good time and share plenty of behind-the-scenes action there. 

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