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Who We Are

Our mission at Yellow Bag is to serve finance and accounting teams through thoughtfully aligned systems and processes. We provide a holistic, intentional experience by taking the time to truly understand the greatest needs of our clients.


We ensure that we are delivering all of what the client needs using simply aligned solutions. Yellow Bag is focused on serving Netsuite users who value high-quality systems, processes and standards. We believe alignment, insight and visibility to be key in managing risk and controls.

Our secret recipe for success

Leading with Values and Alignment


Intention is the core of everything we do. It’s how we reduce rework and ensure results. We don’t hope for the best. We set a goal and move towards that goal using alignment.


We believe that an organizations' system should be a mirror reflection of the business. If not, how do we ensure we’re telling the right story at the right time?


 Being results focused while leading with intention means we move at the pace that leads to results. You can never count on us to hit the ground running. We hit the ground, assess and align to ensure that we’re moving towards the correct goal at the correct pace.


You didn’t invest in systems to still work through manual processes with frustration. While effort will always be necessary, your effort should be spent on growing the business and adding value. Not forcing systems to work for you. Anything more/less is simply a distraction that you just cant afford.


Working systems should not present difficulties but opportunities for increased focus, visibility and efficiencies. Accountants should be able to focus on the tasks at hand without distraction. Allowing them to be present.


At Yellow Bag, we take a customer first approach. Customer first means results first. Of course, this requires thoughtful planning and thoughtful execution.

Customer first means scalable, sustainable, easily managed solutions that may not translate to a lifetime of billable hours. We will never focus on the next contract, securing billable hours or over extending ourselves for profit’s sake. 


We give each project our dedicated, focused attention until the end. Customers first. Results first. Demonstrated care. 

I ALWAYS wanted to be an accountant. Until I didn't. 

Hi! I'm Larecha Wynn, founder of Yellow Bag. My lifelong dream has been to be a CPA. I'll never forget my first interaction with real accountants. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. It didn't quite turn out the way I'd expected, however. This was an unhappy group of people. Dissatisfied, stressed, overwhelmed and overworked.  Going through the motions. I couldn't imagine myself in their world. 

A Seed Planted

At that moment, the first of many seeds was planted. Their actions were out of obligation. Void of passion. Just trying to make it to the next promotion. I could never get past the source of this frustration, exhaustion, discontentment. I had a suspicion, but I wasn't 100% clear. 

This career as a CPA was still the object of my affection. I started something and I needed to finish it. Soon after undergraduate, I geared up for graduate school. I needed more credit hours to sit for the CPA exam. The program was incredible… Until I ran out of internal audit, systems and process courses.

A New Path

As a member of the Project Management Organization on a technology team, I had the best of both worlds. Take care of the project accounting while dipping my toe in requirements, documentation, data analysis,  and change control boards. This was the good stuff. The work that hardly felt like work. So I changed programs and hung up my CPA dreams.

I entered into a program dedicated to information systems and analytics. I loved every single moment of it. By the end I knew that I was in love with systems, processes and data.  I knew that I didn't love accounting enough to do it every day. But I certainly loved it enough to improve the lives of those who did. I went on to lead over 30 global Oracle implementations. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 


Troubling Trends

Entering my first Netsuite opportunity, I was thrilled to know that I held in my hands the ability to improve the lives of all end users. That included my dearly held accountants. The only issue was time and time again I ran into poorly implemented solutions. Solutions that disconnected the business from the financials and were far from customer focused. Frustration, dissatisfaction, stressed, overwhelm and overworked.

Déjà vu. I was quickly reminded of my earlier years. THIS time, I was well-equipped with a bag full of knowledge, experience, standards and frameworks. I'd come full circle. The planted seeds were being nurtured. 

I LOVE It Here

In the last 6 years, I've had the pleasure of working with finance leaders to integrate business with the financials. Every piece of the business touches accounting and finance. It can be described as the heart and lungs of the business. The glue that holds it all together. Accounting issues are rarely accounting issues. They're usually business issues or process issues. 

When all departments are working with thoughtfully aligned processes, the ease of accounting becomes that much easier. Financial analysis are simplified when your data mirrors the business. Every day, I'm looking to see how do I do this very thing and more of it. And Yellow Bag was birthed. My journey makes so much sense. I love it here, and I can't imagine any other place I'd rather be. 

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7 Wishes

Over the years I found myself wishing that I could do, that I could be, that I could see. One day I got a message from a loved one..

You do it! So I did. 

I guess you can call it a wish come true


I wished I could do more. As a team of 1 there was just no way for me to cover all the bases with the level of care and attention they deserved.


I wished end users could be as excited as I was about Netsuite. I’d been around the block a few times learning, using, implementing different ERP systems and I knew first hand that this was hot stuff. Exciting! Poor experiences and frustrations never allowed them to see things my way.


I wished I had access to teams that were committed, passionate and fun. It makes the journey so much better, and the quality of work tends to be unmatched.


I wished teams understood what to expect from consultants. Too many projects were going south from day 1 and no person was the wiser. Catching the wrong behaviors and correcting expectations early on will make or break a project.


I wished teams had all of the tools necessary to serve their internal and external customers at the highest level.


I wished accountants could show up passionate and eager to give from abundance instead of an empty cup. Manual processes, reconciliations, clean ups and drinking from the water hose proved incredibly taxing. In a lower quality work and lower quality of life kind of way.


I wished teams understood how beautifully connected they were through systems. Leveraged properly, it’s a beautifully executed, well oiled machine.

Yellow Bag is a collection of passionate, exciting people doing things in a passionate and exciting way. We're on a mission to see every one of these wishes come to pass. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience as you join us on this journey. 

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