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Are you looking for non - technical implementation guidance on the go? 

Netsuite implementations fail due to vision, approach, or team. 

Talk about a VAT (value added tax)! If your implementation is off track, all is not lost. In this 3 part mini-series, we discuss vision, approach, and teaming issues that lead to failure. You might be surprised at the combination of challenges keeping you from implementation success. 

Get guidance on the go with this short mini-series and walk away ready to implement immediate change. 

  • Start by peeling back the VAT stack and identifying the issues that apply to your unique implementation.

  • Get the what (is the issue), how (is it showing up), and how (to solve your unique set of problems).

  • Create an aligned action plan using real world examples and real world solutions. 

This private series is created using years of lessons learned from failed projects. 

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