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It’s the first day after month-end close. You walk into the office.

The overachiever in you has you there before anyone else has arrived. It’s become a habit after years of putting out fires.

Today smells different. No smoke. No fire? It feels different. A sense of peace and ease? It’s part of the new normal for you.


You open your email. No fires. No open questions. It’s part of the new normal for you.

You double-check by department. Confirmed, no missed messages. Sales are on track. Marketing on track. Customer service, you guessed it. On track. It’s part of the new normal for you.
You grab a cup of coffee and think of all the ways you’ll leverage the team to add value and show up as the hero you are.
You have time. It’s the new normal for you. 

Here's the problem...

You’re dealing with competing priorities...

...while trying your best to create the perfect reports. The ones that give direction and guidance. The ones that lead to insights allowing for efficiencies and increased profitability. 

Staying ahead of the game.


To make matters worse, you’re not the only one. So everyone is showing up with their own version of the truth. 


You’d create those amazing reports if you had time.


You’d have more time if you had access to the right reports. Ah, the great chicken and the egg game.

You need insights fast. Without putting your currents project on hold. 

What if you knew exactly where your numbers were coming from? With everyone on the same page?
No surprises.
Finally, a peace of mind. In just 3 weeks!

What if you could have an aligned set of reports in just 3 weeks? The ones that give you insights for faster decision-making?


One confident view of the truth leading us all in one direction.


Are you looking for department level analysis? Category level? Channel level? See straight into the business with ease.


 Be so clear on your results that telling your story is a breeze. 

Clear next steps

Leverage your insights for guidance. Where should we invest? Where do we have opportunities? Next steps have never been so clear.

Defined intentions

Make your next move your best move. Supported by data. Know where you're going and how to get there.


Using data to set direction

You've engaged all of the right resources but it doesn't seem to be getting you where you need to go. Something isn't quite right.

Overnight Insights is a 3-week project where we go from confusion and all of the possibilities to insight-driven, aligned next steps.


We make sure that you’re using data to focus on the right things at the right time to get the right results.

3 Weeks of Intention and Alignment

This is what you get:

One Strategy Call

We don't make a single move without first understanding what's key to your success. Alignment on day one.

3 Project Calls

We keep it simple, but we stay on track. Consider these alignment check points.

Reporting Guide

Report and run? I don't think so. Know when, where, and how to use your reports. You have different audiences. We make sure that everyone is in the same book and on the same page. At the same time.

Reporting Package

Obviously, you need those reports. It’s the best part.


We aren't reporting for reporting’s sake. We’re engaging insights for decision-making. We’ll make sure that you’re keeping your eye on the prize.

Overnight Insights is NOT another day job for you. We know you have a day job! One that requires your commitment and focus. We keep things simple but complete. We're keeping it simple and covering all of the bases.

We're using data to set direction

You don't know what you don't know. But that ends today! We're removing THAT from your vocabulary. You're ready to put those manual processes to rest. Ready to see the ROI on your Netsuite investment.

Know exactly where you are and exactly where you need to go.

You're ready for intentional decision-making. Led by clarity and visibility. Decisions that lead to results. Impactful change. Mission-driven. Insights driven.

No more reacting. No more catching up. No more figuring it out as we go. That hasn’t worked.


You’re not sure who's looking at what. Where did those numbers come from? Are we on the same page or even in the same book? 

You’re tired of catching all of the things for all of the teams. You’re barely holding it together. Yet ANOTHER process or reconciliation for you to manage. Another cleanup effort. Another workaround. Any bandage will do. Let’s not even mention month-end close. 


Overwhelmed and overworked does not look good on you. 


It's time to make your next move your best move.

All of the answers at your fingertips.

All of your questions answered. Someone by your side with the roadmap. A Netsuite tour guide. Maybe even a Netsuite concierge of sorts.

And what will you be doing? Focusing on those projects you’ve been dreaming about. 


Automated processes are giving you time to dive deep and show up as the expert the organization has been needing. 


Hello excitement! Hey passion! Where have you been? Productivity! Thanks for stopping by!


Take time off without worrying about what's piling up in your absence. 


We’re not fighting with reports. Or is it a saved search? How do we go about pulling THE RIGHT data? What is this story even telling us? 


Imagine working within and across departments using reports that help us answer the most critical business questions.


Within and across departments, we can finally work efficiently together.

Hey. I’m Larecha, founder of Yellow Bag.

I've spent the last 6 years correcting poorly implemented systems. You know, the ones that leave us drained, frustrated and buried in manual processes.

May 2021 YB Home Branding-2.jpg

Yellow Bag was founded with one goal. That's to make your life easier. We love taking the complexity out of systems and processes. We combine simplicity and alignment to create solutions that work.

I’ve spent the last 9 years focused on implementing and improving finance systems.


I remember my very first introduction to Netsuite. Mixed emotions. Yes, this was the easiest, most complete, most configurable ERP I’d ever used. But it was being used in ALL the wrong ways.

Misaligned configurations and features

Poor (and extensive) month-end close processes

No foundational documentation

Dangerous use of roles including a company full of administrators

The trend? A lack of alignment and intention. One frustrated Netsuite user after another. The cycle? 


Alignment and intention have been the missing ingredients. Not anymore.

I can't wait for you to see what's possible.

How much does it cost to get from zero to results in just 3 weeks?

Two payments of $5700 gets you overnight guidance, insights, KPI's, and alignment. We're not hiring additional resources or creating full-time work for overextended team members. Reports are no longer on the list of things that may or may not get done.  Just results. Fast.

Expect ease and clarity with Overnight Insights

No more fussing with reports, saved searches or custom formulas.


First, we start by setting direction. We get very clear on where we need to go and how to get there.


Then we will create a reporting package perfectly suited for you and your team. I think we have an idea of what you need, but we’ll work together to make sure it's the perfect fit.


Once your reports are ready, we’ll make sure you’re perfectly equipped to take advantage of your insights.

Yes, just like that. 3 steps. 3 weeks. 

You’ve checked all of the boxes but something's still… off. The consultant you engaged left you more confused than when you started.

Google seemed to prevail...until it didn't anymore. The support contracts should have been the answer, but you’re still on the hunt. You’re not even sure how to use those hours. Support tickets are piling up. You’re not alone. 


The struggle might be real. But it doesn't have to be.

You’re in good hands.

Businesswoman in white

Getting started is super easy

Schedule a call

To get started we will ask for high level information and schedule a call

Let's chat

We'll get to know each other and confirm that we're a good fit


We will get your onboarding call scheduled, and we're on our way to the insights you've been waiting for

No more reporting for information. No more hoping that the next thing sticks. 


That's so 2020.


We’re reporting for insights. Actionable next steps. And KPIs to make sure we’re staying on track.

You'll be amazed at what 3 weeks can do. 

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