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90 Day Playbook

Give your implementation a strong start, supported by a clear vision, YOUR vision. 

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Don't settle for late, over budget, ineffective implementations that fail to revolutionize your business operations.

This non-technical playbook

  • Simplifies your 30, 60, and 90 day implementation goals

  • Defines exactly what to ask of your external team, your internal team, and yourself as you navigate the ups and downs of your project

  • Provides instant access to my most impactful implementation oversight tools

  • Exposes project red flags (and we’re obviously serving instructions on how to take immediate action)


IT and finance leaders think differently and will always drive different results. And you can't afford to leave you success to chance.


You need a companion to guide you through the technical waters of your implementation. 

If you're ready to take control of your finance transformation and ensure you're getting the best implementation ROI

Download this free 90 day guide and playbook where I take you step by step through 90 days of impactful implementation activities that guarantee you a strong implementation project. 


In today's dynamic world, where immediate access to data and insights is crucial, the finance organization must be well positioned to steer the entire organization through the constantly evolving market landscape.


A successful ERP implementation is the foundation your team needs. 

Larecha Wynn, Finance Systems Strategist

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Over the past decade, I've spearheaded nearly 50 global finance systems implementations, encompassing ERP solutions, warehouse management, EDI, tax automation, and more.


Central to my journey is my capacity to equip CFOs with the support they need to implement substantial changes in their organizations.


My educational background from the Kelley School of Business, including a Bachelor's in Accounting and Finance and a Master's in Information Systems and Analytics, combined with my experience accounting and project management experience at Deloitte, has given me a deep understanding of both the technical and financial aspects of systems implementation. 


This expertise has been vital in my role as a seasoned leader and advocate for finance technology and process improvement.


In 2016, my career took a turn.


I identified a troubling trend of projects led by individuals new to the field, often recent graduates or interns, lacking essential knowledge and experience. This led to numerous failed implementations, affecting organizations significantly.


This experience strengthened my resolve to correct poorly executed systems that led to prolonged month-end processes, excessive workarounds, intense manual efforts, and fragmented data.


Since then, my efforts have been directed toward repairing these systems, establishing strong foundations, and creating resources for strategic CFOs. I aim to empower them to lead independently of IT teams and consultants. 


I am passionate about preparing CFOs and their teams for the changing landscape of finance technology, ensuring they are well-equipped for future challenges and opportunities.


If you’re facing strategic, capacity, or capability gaps in your finance transformation journey, I invite you to connect with me.


Let's discuss how we can navigate your transformation journey together.

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